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A Few Local CSA Farms in Lancaster County

Here is a link to a few other CSAs in Lancaster County besides my favorite, Blue Rock Farm.  This is by no means a complete list, but there are resources where you can get more information.  This one is Farmers’ Friend.  Another is the website of PA Buy Fresh Buy Local, and if you “Google” Lancaster County CSA you will find others.  Here is a quick link to a few. I haven’t tried any of them out, Blue Rock is my first venture into CSA.  I’ll keep you posted.

East Side Community Kitchen

I was recently asked about a kitchen that anyone in the community could use.  Here is the information:esck

It is called the East Side Community Kitchen, located at 347 North Plum Street in Lancaster.  Those who wish to use the kitchen are required to join the community as a member. The fee is $40.00 per month, which includes two hours of kitchen use, which can be banked up to 12 hours.  In other words, you will be billed $40.00 each month, but on a month in which you do not use the hours, they can be rolled over into the next month, until a maximum of 12 hours are saved.  Additional hours are billed at a rate of $20.00 per hour. The kitchen has virtually all the equipment one might need; members are asked to bring their own ingredients, any special equipment they might need, and extra paper towels and trash and garbage bags occasionally, as an in-kind contribution to help reduce costs.  Members are also required to clean up after themselves in a manner congruent with the requirements of a commercial kitchen.

More information about the East Side Community Kitchen can be found at:

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